Laurence Fishburne to join cast of ‘CSI’ (eNews Reference)

Famous actors biographies and pictures online ( `CSI’ gets its man: Laurence Fishburne joins cast (Washington Post) Laurence Fishburne to join cast of ‘CSI’: CBS (AFP via Yahoo! News) Fishburne named as new CSI star (UPI) LAURENCE FISHBURNE JOINS ‘CSI’ (New York Post) Laurence Fishburne joining ‘CSI’ (The Hollywood Reporter) Fishburne Fixin’ for CSI Gig […]

On the Presidential Campaign trail (

On the presidential campaign trail ( Today on the presidential campaign trail (Boston Globe) Today on the presidential campaign trail (San Francisco Chronicle) Today on the presidential campaign trail (Miami Herald) Today on the presidential campaign trail (The Post-Standard) ELECTION HQ: Pastor to Host McCain, Obama at Forum- Obama Campaign Raises $51M in July (Fox […]

Democratic Convention and Clinton’s nomination quest

News and media links about Hillary Clinton (eNews Reference) Clinton to Get Roll-Call Vote at Nominating Convention (Washington Post) Clinton to get roll-call vote (Chicago Tribune) Thomason producing Clinton video (AP via Yahoo! News) As tribute, Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination at convention (International Herald Tribune) It’s opening night for Clinton’s first movie […]

Russian and Georgian Cease-Fire Agreement a first step

Bush Lauds Russia, Georgia Cease-Fire Agreement (Washington Post) Bush warns Russia over disputed Georgian provinces (USA Today) Russia signs Georgia deal but says withdrawal to take time (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Russia accord signing is ‘hopeful step’: Bush (AFP via Yahoo! News) Bush warns Russia over disputed Georgian provinces (AP via Yahoo! News) Russia says […]

Threat of US Russian confrontation looms in Georgia (eNews Reference)

National News and media information out of Georgia Russian National and media information from the Kremlin Bush demands Russia remove troops from Georgia (AP via Yahoo! News) Russia to U.S.: Choose us or Georgia ( Answering Russia (Investor’s Business Daily via Yahoo! News) U.S. warns Russia and sends Georgia aid ( Bush Warns Russia to […]

‘Fair and Balanced’ Obama and McCain Documentaries (eNews Reference)

eNews Headlines on John McCain’s quest for the White House McCain: Ridge, abortion rights supporter, still in VP running (USA Today) McCain Still Can’t Forgive Guards at ‘Hanoi Hilton’ (Washington Post) McCain Recalls His Wild Youth (Washington Post) Obama, McCain aim for faith vote at forum (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Mich. Republicans make pitches for […]

Barack Obama: No Income Taxes on Seniors

Obama’s ‘no income taxes on seniors’ draws critics (Washington Post) Obama ad tags McCain as ‘Washington celebrity’ (USA Today) New rules would help Wall Street: Obama adviser (Washington Post) Obama fans to get VP decision B4 NE1 else via e-mail, text (USA Today) An Indiana Democrat offers risks and rewards for Obama (International Herald Tribune) […]