President Obama trip in Russian news and media reports

Russian news and media reports

Will Russia ever pull out of Georgia?

News and media reports out of Georgia ( U.S., Georgia Dispute Russia Claim of Pullback to South Ossetia (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News) Russian news and media links online ( South Ossetia’s President Dismisses Government, Declares Emergency (Nasdaq) Belarus leader applauds Russian response to South Ossetia crisis (Russian Information Agency Novosti) Russia agrees to increased monitoring […]

Biden up a couple notches on a short list

As Running Mate, Biden Offers Foreign Policy Heft but an Insider Image (New York Times) Campaign 2008 news and analysis ( Biden heads for Georgia (UPI) US Senator Biden to visit Georgia for crisis talks (AFP via Yahoo! News) Biden heads for Georgia ( Biden to visit troubled region today (The News Journal) Biden bound […]

Georgia news and media online (

Georgia news, radio and tv media online ( Russia begins Georgia troop ‘pull back’ ( Georgia sees little sign of Russian withdrawal (AP via Yahoo! News) Russia announces start of force pullback from Georgia (AFP via Yahoo! News) Russia, Pledging to Leave Georgia, Tightens Its Grip (New York Times) U.S. says Russia should withdraw from […]

Kremlin: Pullout from Georgia will take time (

Complete news and media references from Russia Russia Signs Georgia Truce, but Resists Quick Pullout (New York Times) Bush warns Russia over disputed Georgian provinces (AP via Yahoo! News) Russia signs Georgia deal, withdrawal to take time (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Bush: Georgia deal ‘hopeful,’ Russia must withdraw (AFP via Yahoo! News) Bush calls Russia […]

Russian forces remain in Georgia as Putin call the shots (eNews Reference)

eNews References and media out of Georgia Media and eNews References from Russia PUTIN’S POWER PLAY – & THE WEST’S WAFFLING (New York Post) Putin Walks into a Trap (Middle East Online) Putin Still Holds Power In Russia (NPR) The Buzz: McCain says he’s more skeptical about Putin than Bush (The Kansas City Star) Putin […]

Russia halts operations in Georgia (eNews Reference)

News from Vladimir Putin and Russian Media Georgia says Russia bombed after order to halt war (AP via Yahoo! News) US, allies weigh punishment for Russia (AP via Yahoo! News) Russia Endorses Withdrawal Plan (Time Magazine) Russia orders halt to onslaught in ‘punished’ Georgia (AFP via Yahoo! News) Rice calls on Russia to stop operations […]

VP Dick Cheney Condemns Russian Aggression in Georgia

Cheney: “Russian aggression must not go unanswered” (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Bush, Cheney signal support for Georgia ( Cheney: Russian action ‘must not go unanswered’ (AP via Yahoo! News) US expresses soldarity with Georgia warns Russia: spokeswoman (AFP via Yahoo! News) Cheney Tells Georgia Russian `Aggression’ Mustn’t Go Unanswered ( Georgia: warnings ring out as […]

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili called for an immediate ceasefire

Russia, Georgia dispute control of S.Ossetian capital (Reuters via Yahoo! News) US, Europe scramble to stop Georgia-Russia war (AFP via Yahoo! News) Russia says has control of S.Ossetian capital (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Russia: Troops in South Ossetia to enforce peace ( Russia: 1,500 killed in South Ossetia conflict (USA Today) Russia to send new […]