Poll: Clinton has Overwhelming Leads in FL, OH & PA

According to a just released Quinnipiac Poll Clinton has overwhelming leads in the early states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania among registered voters. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is also enjoying a termendous lead due to name recognition and the fact that candidates have not launched a battle in those states focusing their resources in Iowa, New Hampshire […]

A Fight to the Death in December

The month of December represents the race toward the finish for Presidential Candidates. If you don’t have what it takes Iowa will put your campaign on a one-way ticket back to where you came from. I was talking to a Joe Biden supporter last week and he said he wasn’t disillusioned a miracle had to […]

7 Debate Tips for Mike Huckabee

This debate will be one the toughest yet for Governor Huckabee due to his increased polls numbers in Iowa. Now that he’s not a blip on the radar, but has the potential to pull an amazing upset and head to NH with a lot of steam, he will walk out on the stage with a […]