Timothy Geithner Biography (eNewsReference.com)

President Elect Barack Obama transition news and media references (eNewsReference.com) Biography of Timothy Geithner Obama moves to pick Timothy Geithner for Treasury (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Obama taps New Yorker Timothy Geithner for Treasury Sec. (New York Daily News) Senior Democratic official: Fed official Timothy Geithner likely Treasury pick for Obama (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune) […]

John McCain leads before Republican Convention

McCain lead in Florida is up slightly (Boston Herald) Wajahat Ali: Obama Biding Time With Biden (HuffingtonPost) Nevadans give McCain edge (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Polls give McCain lead over Obama, show support for four-day government work week (The Business Journal of Phoenix) Obama, McCain lead among student voters (Student Life) McCain winning in new poll, […]