Clinton Obama in a Crucial Battle for Legitimacy

If your blood is not pumping extra fast these days I take it politics is not your thing. At this stage in the race the stakes are very high. Most polls and analyst expect Hillary Clinton to come away with a victory in the popular vote and a slight edge in delegates, but the thinking […]

John McCain could receive over 10% of the Black Vote

Ten percentage points from Afro Americans around the country and factoring in all those who decide to stay home because of some of the racially charged statements from the Clinton camp would all but certain give John McCain the race.  Analysts have not factored in on a match-up between Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton and it’s impact on […]

Hillary Clinton on Meet The Press

It appears that Senator Clinton’s war machine wants her to be tough down the stretch. She continued to invoke Senator  Barack Obama’s name when she was asked questions about her vote to authorize the war in Iraq.  When she was asked questions about personal mistakes she accused the Bush Administration of lying to the American people. In […]