Mark Sanford in Cabinet Meeting Today…Resignation?

Argentina news and media references on the Sanford Chapur affair All South Carolina News and Media Reference Mark and Jenny Sanford’s Marriage Can Survive With Work … ABC News South Carolina GOP: Mark Sanford must go Politico Media Coverage of Sanford Affairs–TMI U.S. News & World Report Forgive Sanford? MSNBC On the spiritual struggles and penance […]

Gov Sanford to resign after affair? (

All of South Carolina news and media references SC Gov. Mark Sanford admits he’s had an affair The Associated Press S. Carolina gov. admits extramarital affair Reuters SC Gov. Mark Sanford admits he’s had an affair The Associated Press New York Times: Gov. Sanford Admits Affair and Explains Disappearance New York Times Text of South Carolina first lady’s […]

On the Verge of Another Clinton Presidency

Given the commotion within the Democratic Primary race it is clear that there could never be a Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice within the Democratic Party. Bigoted questions about Barack Obama’s past would’ve sparked a huge outrage if it would’ve been brought up by a Republican challenger. It is not hard to believe that it […]

Backroom Deal of the Des Moines’ Clinton Endorsement

Cillizza of “The Fix” presented a backroom deal of the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. President Clinton seems to be front and center in Hillary’s campaign of late. He didn’t deny Charlie Rose’s assessment that he was angry at Clinton’s advisors over her lackluster performance in Iowa and he seemed to know the […]

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon Poll: Clinton Obama Edwards Very Close

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon 12/10/2007 The latest MSNBC Mason Dixon Poll indicate just want everyone knows at this stage in the race; the Democratic contenders are neck-in-neck in Iowa and Clinton and Obama are close in New Hampshire and South Carolina as the battle heats up. I’m going out on the limb when I say that either Clinton, […]

The O’ Factor Oprah Support of Obama Down the Stretch

The support that the biggest name in show business has lavished upon the Senator from Illinois will be crucial precisely because of the timing of the events in crucial early states. Oprah has the ability to hold the Clinton attack machine at bay to give Obama enough time to mobilize his forces and raise the […]

Senator Clinton played a Good Hand

In the starlight of Oprah Winfrey’s visit to Iowa Hillary Clinton organized one of the best comebacks ever I thought. For all of the folks who thought Senator Clinton was the biggest name in politics and that Obama wouldn’t have a shot due to lack of experience and name recognition, the script was reversed this […]