Hillary Clinton Secretary of State (eNewsReference.com)

Hillary Clinton updated news and media releases (eNewsReference.com) Clinton said to accept role as secretary of state (International Herald Tribune) Obama’s cabinet — change or Clinton era retreads? (AFP via Yahoo! News) Some in the Arab World Worry that Clinton Would Be More Hawk Than Dove (Washington Post) Clinton’s pro-Israel stance worries Arabs (UPI) Husband’s […]

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (eNewsReference.com)

News references on Hillary Clinton (eNewsReference.com) Aide: Obama on track to nominate Clinton (AP via Yahoo! News) Clinton cuts down the size of her debt (AP via Yahoo! News) Aides: Obama plans to nominate Clinton (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama aides say Clinton ‘on track’ for secretary of state job (CNN) An Option for Clinton: […]

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State (eNewReference.com)

Updated news headlines on Hillary Clinton (eNewsReference.com) Obama considers Hillary Clinton for secretary of state: report (AFP via Yahoo! News) Hillary Clinton emerges as State dept candidate (Reuters via Yahoo! News) More ex-Clinton officials tapped to join Obama team (USA Today) Officials: Sen. Clinton eyed as secretary of state (AP via Yahoo! News) Sen. Clinton […]