Notes on Ron Paul’s Meet the Press Interview

Ron Paul’s Meet the Press Interview was a display of one of the most sketchy campaigns in the race. Tim Russert used Ron Paul’s words to shed some light in his views on foriegn affairs, the abolishment of public education, taking away Social Security and a dramatic reduction in government spending. Paul stated that the Civil Rights […]

Candidates Slam Hillary Clinton on N.I.E. Report

The latest National Intelligence Estimates Report states Iran halted its nuclear weapons program. Candidates were quick to issue statements criticising Senator Hillary Clinton’s vote to declare Iranian Republican Guards as “proliferators of mass destruction.” Senator Barack Obama quickly issued a statement saying, “The juxtaposition of this N.I.E. with the president’s suggestion of World War III serves […]

A Fight to the Death in December

The month of December represents the race toward the finish for Presidential Candidates. If you don’t have what it takes Iowa will put your campaign on a one-way ticket back to where you came from. I was talking to a Joe Biden supporter last week and he said he wasn’t disillusioned a miracle had to […]