John McCain’s Next Big Attack

McCain seeks to define himself and Obama (AP via Yahoo! News) After shake-up, McCain ground game revs up (Politico via Yahoo! News) McCain Pledges To Help Ohioans (Washington Post) McCain calls for probe of company he once aided (AP via Yahoo! News) McCain calls for probe of DHL, a company he once advised (USA Today) […]

Protesters and the Olympics in China

Air China got threat to Olympics: Japanese police (AFP via Yahoo! News) 1,100 Tibet protesters arrested in Nepal ahead of Olympics (AFP via Yahoo! News) Gary Russell Jr. collapses, out of Olympics (USA Today) Olympics: US flag bearer unhappy with China over Darfur (AFP via Yahoo! News) Davenport withdraws from singles at Olympics (Sports Illustrated) […]

Barack Obama on Hawaii Vacation

Obama Hits Back, Too Softly For Some (Washington Post) Island life in multiracial Hawaii shaped Obama (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama Muslim Coordinator Resigns (Washington Post) Obama?s View on Abortion May Divide Catholics (New York Times) Looking for Any Signs at Obama-Bayh Meeting (New York Times) Obama Irish roots include wigmaker (BBC News) GOP’s Pawlenty […]

Barack Obama Heads for Vacation

eNews Reference on Barack Obama: CBS Poll- Obama Holding Off McCain CBS News Senate Standstill to Let Obama or McCain Tip Balance on Courts Bloomberg Obama and Big Oil Salt Lake Tribune Have the Clintons Gotten Over It- TIME Political Wisdom- Suffering From Obama Fatigue- Wall Street Journal Michelle Obama- Barack Is No Elitist ABC […]

President Obama will not be a popular among liberals

It is important to understand the type of President a candidate will be before you make the choice to vote for him. About eight years ago a lot of the electorate evaluated George W. Bush around domestic agendas and credited him with the ability to pull together the advice and counsel from a list of […]

Poll: Obama up in South Carolina

A news Insider Advantage poll has Obama up in South Carolina. conducted Dec. 3-4 of 421 likely Dem voters) has Obama at 26%, Clinton at 24%, Edwards at 15%, and Biden at 10%.

Clinton Needs a Victory or for Edwards to Win in Iowa

Senator Hillary Clinton’s latest attacks on Senator Barack Obama indicates that her war room has reasoned that she needs to draw Obama into a ugly fist match to erode his support in Iowa to possibly squeeze out a victory or a John Edwards win in the heartland would be better than a Obama victory coming to […]

Dan Rather’s Interview of a Former President

In June of 2004 President Clinton gave an interview to Dan Rather of 60 Minutes in which he again talked about some of the problems of the war and the fact that we rushed getting in there, but never once telling Dan Rather anything that would amount to a moral stance against the war in […]

Bill Clinton and the Credibility Factor

Former President Bill Clinton had an opportunity to speak out against the war in Iraq and three interviews give some insight into the way in which he approached his at best lukewarm opposition or his calculated position on the situation in Iraq. There were points at which he was quoted at supporting the war. These […]

Obama Has The Momentum

Obama still has a task in proving he’s capable of being the leader of the free word and the biggest indicator of this is outlasting the Clinton war room. If there was ever a good time to bring out the damaging information about Obama, some have been saying Hillary is holding onto to unleash at the most […]