Rick Warren Invocation Inauguration (eNewsReference.com)

                  Barack Obama transition news and updates (eNewsReference.com) Pastor Rick Warren To Give Inauguration Invocation (NPR) Aretha Franklin, Rev. Rick Warren tapped for Obama inauguration (Newsday) Obama picks California evangelist Rick Warren for inaugural invocation (San Jose Mercury News) Obama backers slam his pick of Rick Warren […]

Jeb Bush in the news(eNewsReference.com)

Jeb Bush Ponders Florida Senate Run Jeb Bush considering Senate run Florida Senator Mel Martinez says “No” to second term Jeb Bush Talks About GOP’s Future Jeb Bush..That Sounds like Conspiracy To Me.. Jeb Bush: GOP ‘can’t be the old white guy party’ Jeb Bush says the Republican party should set up a “shadow … […]

Does Obama need Hillary Clinton on the ticket?

Hillary Clinton news and media references (eNewsReference.com) Restructuring could change Nevada’s nominating role Clinton’s Press Secretary On Impeachment, Elian (NPR) Clinton ‘whip’ team to help unify Dems (UPI) Clinton creates ‘whip team’ to quell anti-Obama protests (Politico via Yahoo! News) Wag the Blog: Does Obama Need Clinton on Ticket? (Washington Post) Some Florida delegates to […]

On the Presidential Campaign trail (eNewsReference.com)

On the presidential campaign trail (eNewsReference.com) Today on the presidential campaign trail (Boston Globe) Today on the presidential campaign trail (San Francisco Chronicle) Today on the presidential campaign trail (Miami Herald) Today on the presidential campaign trail (The Post-Standard) ELECTION HQ: Pastor to Host McCain, Obama at Forum- Obama Campaign Raises $51M in July (Fox […]

Obama doubles McCain fundraising totals (eNews Reference)

Barack Obama news and media references on the web (eNews Reference) Obama nearly doubles McCain fundraising in July (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Obama’s July fundraising bodes well for fall race (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama campaign raises over $51 million in July (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Obama raised $51 million in July (The Washington Times) […]

Polls: McCain’s negative ads paying off (eNews Reference)

Poll: McCain, McConnell leading (The Cincinnati Enquirer) Poll: McCain’s attack strategy paying dividendsABC 7 News (WJLA-TV Washington D.C.) Poll: McCain’s attack strategy paying dividends (Honolulu Advertiser) Poll: McCain has comfortable lead in Arizona (East Valley Tribune) New Poll: McCain, Obama in Dead Heat (KEYC Mankato) Poll: McCain’s attack strategy paying dividends (The Bryan-College Station Eagle) […]

Obama camp touts GOP endorsements (eNews Reference)

  eNews References on Barack obama Two Republicans endorse Obama Republican Trio Crosses Party Lines To Back Obama Top GOP moderate endorses Obama Obama launches group of supporters from GOP Leach backs Obama, says US needs ‘new approach’ Current and Former Republicans Line Up for Obama Obama Camp Touts Support From Republicans Obama Accused of […]

Barack Obama and family on Vacation in Honolulu Hawaii

Clinton tells cheering Nev. crowd to support Obama (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama’s game plan rules as platform takes shape (AP via Yahoo! News) Sen. Barack Obama’s Prepared Remarks Delivered in Elkhart, Ind. (Washington Post) N.C. man accused of threatening Barack Obama (USA Today) Obama family arrives in Hawaii, campaign stays home (Reuters via Yahoo! […]

John McCain steps up attack while Obama vacations

McCain mocks Obama oratory (Politico via Yahoo! News) McCain looks forward to down time, Olympics (AP via Yahoo! News) Britney, Paris Air Savage Anti-McCain Ad (Andy Borowitz via Yahoo! News) Sen. McCain Delivers Remarks in Jackson, Ohio (Washington Post) Sen. John McCain Delivers Remarks in Lima, Ohio. (Washington Post) McCain to seek votes of ‘Clinton […]

Barack Obama Honolulu Hawaii Vacation

McCain, Obama on Georgia…Cheney speech…Obama vacation (KATC 3 Lafayette) Obama vacation may be private (Honolulu Advertiser) McCain seeks to define himself and Obama (AP via Yahoo! News) White supremacists hope Obama win prompts backlash (AP via Yahoo! News) Man held in Fla. on charge of threatening Obama (AP via Yahoo! News) An Antichrist Obama in […]