Phelps gold medal victories highlight US competition

News and media references in Beijing China (eNews Reference) Brian Cazeneuve: Phelps’ gold run takes iconic twist (Sports Illustrated) Technology confirms Phelps’ gold (NBC Olympics) Guesspert: Comparing Phelps to Tiger misses the mark (The State) Phelps’ gold rush glitters (The Cincinnati Enquirer) Phelps gold: Six down, two to go (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Controversial O.C. Serb could […]

Bill Clinton Throws Hillary’s White Flag Up In Iowa

  Bloggers has argued that President Clinton’s Charlie Rose interview was just another campaign event for his wife. The topic of micro lending came up and President Clinton used the opportunity to talk about Senator Clinton micro lending start-up in Arkansas. He also used the opportunity to throw out the white flag for his wife. […]

President Clinton’s Calculated and Lukewarm Iraq War Position

Former President Bill Clinton had an opportunity to speak out against the war in Iraq and three interviews give some insight into the way in which he approached his at best lukewarm opposition or his calculated position on the situation in Iraq. There were points at which he was quoted at supporting the war. These […]