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Obama’s approval rating tumbles to lowest point at 53% Boston Globe Obama’s Approval Rating Tumbles as He Learns on the Job US News & World Report New Zogby poll numbers get even worse for Obama Examiner.com Obama approval rating hits new low. So what? Mind Your Own Damn Business Politics As summer fades, President Obama’s […]

Pew Research: Obama leads by fourteen(eNewsReference.com)

Presidential poll by the numbers (eNewsReference.com)

Poll shows presidential race tightening in Minnesota McCain, Obama gird for election battle Obama’s Steady Lead Bests Kerry in ’04- US Campaign Notebook Republicans Grow More Hopeful About McCain Poll Shows Obama, McCain Tied for Third Time in Two Weeks US election at-a-glance- 9-15 Aug Political Wisdom- Obama’s Not-So-Good Poll Day Presidential Race a Tossup […]

On the Presidential Campaign trail (eNewsReference.com)

On the presidential campaign trail (eNewsReference.com) Today on the presidential campaign trail (Boston Globe) Today on the presidential campaign trail (San Francisco Chronicle) Today on the presidential campaign trail (Miami Herald) Today on the presidential campaign trail (The Post-Standard) ELECTION HQ: Pastor to Host McCain, Obama at Forum- Obama Campaign Raises $51M in July (Fox […]

Certainty: Obama Clinton or Edwards will win Iowa

  The latest polls out of Iowa (the Des Moines Register for one) reveal Obama leading in the close Democratic contest with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. This has to be exciting for the Obama supporters who have seen polls showing their candidate placing third in the Democratic field of candidates. Edwards have been receiving […]

Polls: Clinton and Huckabee Winning Iowa

Two polls show Senator Clinton and Governor Huckabee with commanding leads in Iowa. The polls show Obama and Romney’s leads slipping significantly in the closing weeks before the Iowa Caucus. All of the candidates have increased their attacks in recent days. Los Angeles Times /Bloomberg Poll American Research Group, Inc. Iowa Caucus Presidential Preferences

Democratic Establishment: Senator Obama “Too Risky”

Former President Bill Clinton has led the charge from the Democratic establishment that the Junior Senator from Illinois is not experienced enough to be the leader of the free world. They have also raised questions in the media about his Muslim ties and an early admission that he used cocaine in his teen years to […]