Pew Research: Obama leads by fourteen(

Presidential poll by the numbers (

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‘Fair and Balanced’ Obama and McCain Documentaries (eNews Reference)

eNews Headlines on John McCain’s quest for the White House McCain: Ridge, abortion rights supporter, still in VP running (USA Today) McCain Still Can’t Forgive Guards at ‘Hanoi Hilton’ (Washington Post) McCain Recalls His Wild Youth (Washington Post) Obama, McCain aim for faith vote at forum (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Mich. Republicans make pitches for […]

GOP Losing the Crucial Latino Vote

This week, Pew Research introduced an interesting poll that shows Latino voters shifting away from gains the GOP made in 2006. Could it be because of the rhetoric about immigration reform? President George Bush benefited from gains in 2000 and 2004 and recognized it as a crucial voting bloc. Presidential Candidate and US Representative Tancredo […]