Barack Obama political cartoons

Clinton Obama in a Crucial Battle for Legitimacy

If your blood is not pumping extra fast these days I take it politics is not your thing. At this stage in the race the stakes are very high. Most polls and analyst expect Hillary Clinton to come away with a victory in the popular vote and a slight edge in delegates, but the thinking […]

The O’ Factor Oprah Support of Obama Down the Stretch

The support that the biggest name in show business has lavished upon the Senator from Illinois will be crucial precisely because of the timing of the events in crucial early states. Oprah has the ability to hold the Clinton attack machine at bay to give Obama enough time to mobilize his forces and raise the […]

Senator Clinton played a Good Hand

In the starlight of Oprah Winfrey’s visit to Iowa Hillary Clinton organized one of the best comebacks ever I thought. For all of the folks who thought Senator Clinton was the biggest name in politics and that Obama wouldn’t have a shot due to lack of experience and name recognition, the script was reversed this […]