Phelps gold medal victories highlight US competition

News and media references in Beijing China (eNews Reference) Brian Cazeneuve: Phelps’ gold run takes iconic twist (Sports Illustrated) Technology confirms Phelps’ gold (NBC Olympics) Guesspert: Comparing Phelps to Tiger misses the mark (The State) Phelps’ gold rush glitters (The Cincinnati Enquirer) Phelps gold: Six down, two to go (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Controversial O.C. Serb could […]

Photos: Barack Obama Vacation in Honolulu Hawaii

VP Dick Cheney Condemns Russian Aggression in Georgia

Cheney: “Russian aggression must not go unanswered” (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Bush, Cheney signal support for Georgia ( Cheney: Russian action ‘must not go unanswered’ (AP via Yahoo! News) US expresses soldarity with Georgia warns Russia: spokeswoman (AFP via Yahoo! News) Cheney Tells Georgia Russian `Aggression’ Mustn’t Go Unanswered ( Georgia: warnings ring out as […]

Michael Phelps continue to win golds at Olympics

Michael Phelps wins 400 IM in world record ( 2nd gold for Michael Phelps in thrilling U.S. relay win (Detroit Free Press) Relay victory gives Michael Phelps second gold (The Palm Beach Post) Michael Phelps captures second goal (Memphis Commercial Appeal) Did Michael Phelps Win Gold Medal #2? (KSBW Salinas) Michael Phelps wins 400 IM […]

Protesters and the Olympics in China

Air China got threat to Olympics: Japanese police (AFP via Yahoo! News) 1,100 Tibet protesters arrested in Nepal ahead of Olympics (AFP via Yahoo! News) Gary Russell Jr. collapses, out of Olympics (USA Today) Olympics: US flag bearer unhappy with China over Darfur (AFP via Yahoo! News) Davenport withdraws from singles at Olympics (Sports Illustrated) […]