Photos: Maria Belen Chapur, Sanford Mistress

Argentina news and media references eNews Reference Maria Belen Shapur Photos! Pakistan News More Maria Belen Chapur Photos (Pictures) Online Maria Belen Chapur (Photos) South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford … National Ledger Maria Belen Chapur PICTURES! LALATE The Real Maria Belen Chapur FITSNews Maria Belen Chapur Pictures Right TV The race to find Maria Belen […]

Sotomayor says she chose word poorly (

White House: Sotomayor says she chose word poorly (USA Today) Obama sure Sotomayor would restate 2001 comment (AP via Yahoo! News) Sotomayor?s Focus on Race Issues May Be Hurdle (New York Times) Sotomayor used “poor” word choice: White House (Reuters via Yahoo! News) White House responds as GOP continues Sotomayor attacks (CNN) Sotomayor nomination: Is […]

Barack Obama Heads for Vacation

eNews Reference on Barack Obama: CBS Poll- Obama Holding Off McCain CBS News Senate Standstill to Let Obama or McCain Tip Balance on Courts Bloomberg Obama and Big Oil Salt Lake Tribune Have the Clintons Gotten Over It- TIME Political Wisdom- Suffering From Obama Fatigue- Wall Street Journal Michelle Obama- Barack Is No Elitist ABC […]