Bloomberg: Obama widens lead in NH

Reprint: Obama Leads Clinton 38% to 26% in New Hampshire, ARG Poll Says By Dan Hart Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama, who won the Iowa caucuses, leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 12 percentage points among likely voters in the Jan. 8 Democratic presidential primary, according to an American Research Group Inc. poll. […]

Is Romney’s Presidential Campaign Authentic?

Governor Mitt Romney has put up issues oriented ads criticising Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee’s record on a whole hose of issues around immigration, taxes and conservatisim. Romney has for the most part stayed on message and has not went negative in this race. He has contrasted his point of view with his […]

Backroom Deal of the Des Moines’ Clinton Endorsement

Cillizza of “The Fix” presented a backroom deal of the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. President Clinton seems to be front and center in Hillary’s campaign of late. He didn’t deny Charlie Rose’s assessment that he was angry at Clinton’s advisors over her lackluster performance in Iowa and he seemed to know the […]

Bill Clinton Throws Hillary’s White Flag Up In Iowa

  Bloggers has argued that President Clinton’s Charlie Rose interview was just another campaign event for his wife. The topic of micro lending came up and President Clinton used the opportunity to talk about Senator Clinton micro lending start-up in Arkansas. He also used the opportunity to throw out the white flag for his wife. […]

Clinton Strategically Using the Race Card

The Clinton camp has to be worried about Afro-Americans increasing their support of Obama. The Wall Street Journal Online did a report on a poll released by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (states) and Pew Research Center (national poll) that graphically show a damaging trend if you’re a Clinton strategist. Blacks are increasing […]

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon Poll: Clinton Obama Edwards Very Close

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon 12/10/2007 The latest MSNBC Mason Dixon Poll indicate just want everyone knows at this stage in the race; the Democratic contenders are neck-in-neck in Iowa and Clinton and Obama are close in New Hampshire and South Carolina as the battle heats up. I’m going out on the limb when I say that either Clinton, […]

The O’ Factor Oprah Support of Obama Down the Stretch

The support that the biggest name in show business has lavished upon the Senator from Illinois will be crucial precisely because of the timing of the events in crucial early states. Oprah has the ability to hold the Clinton attack machine at bay to give Obama enough time to mobilize his forces and raise the […]

Senator Clinton played a Good Hand

In the starlight of Oprah Winfrey’s visit to Iowa Hillary Clinton organized one of the best comebacks ever I thought. For all of the folks who thought Senator Clinton was the biggest name in politics and that Obama wouldn’t have a shot due to lack of experience and name recognition, the script was reversed this […]

Voters write about the Bush/Clinton Dynasty Question

I was reading an article about a question that was directed at Senator Hillary Clinton about the dynasty question and I thought all of those who gave comments gave thought provoking replies: 1. Some would argue, America should surrender its values to two Washington established and morally flawed families…it’s not what the framers of the […]

Clinton Needs a Victory or for Edwards to Win in Iowa

Senator Hillary Clinton’s latest attacks on Senator Barack Obama indicates that her war room has reasoned that she needs to draw Obama into a ugly fist match to erode his support in Iowa to possibly squeeze out a victory or a John Edwards win in the heartland would be better than a Obama victory coming to […]