Dan Rather’s Interview of a Former President

In June of 2004 President Clinton gave an interview to Dan Rather of 60 Minutes in which he again talked about some of the problems of the war and the fact that we rushed getting in there, but never once telling Dan Rather anything that would amount to a moral stance against the war in […]

Bill Clinton and the Credibility Factor

Former President Bill Clinton had an opportunity to speak out against the war in Iraq and three interviews give some insight into the way in which he approached his at best lukewarm opposition or his calculated position on the situation in Iraq. There were points at which he was quoted at supporting the war. These […]

Huckabee Return Jabs Effectively

Governor Mike Huckabee returned every blow effectively in last night’s debate. Being knighted with front runner status at this stage in the election gives him even more room for mobility as the other contenders stand at his heels. Huckabee has become likable in Iowa and that is what Romney’s camp fear the most. I was […]

7 Debate Tips for Mike Huckabee

This debate will be one the toughest yet for Governor Huckabee due to his increased polls numbers in Iowa. Now that he’s not a blip on the radar, but has the potential to pull an amazing upset and head to NH with a lot of steam, he will walk out on the stage with a […]