Video: President Barack Obama Inauguration

View the video of Barack Obama Inauguration: ┬áVideo-Obama’s inaugural address JFK Inauguration: Link to us:

Sarah Palin and Joe Biden stumps in Northeast Ohio

Sarah Palin and Joe Biden stumps in Northeast Ohio ( Sarah Palin’s health described by doc (Scientific American) Neal Rubin: Sarah Palin scores with soon-to-be hockey mom (Detroit News) Report clears Sarah Palin in Troopergate (Chicago Sun-Times) Sarah Palin Suddenly Scandal-Free! [Rapid Response] (Gawker) Report clears Gov. Sarah Palin in the so-called Troopergate probe (The […]

How will Obama perform in debates? (

Which Obama will show up for presidential debates? (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama looks to regain momentum in debate series (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama: Economic fix should also help Main Street (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama Remarks on the Economy (Washington Post) Linking Obama to Ex-Fannie Mae Chief Is a Stretch (Washington Post) Racial […]