Will Iowa Decide the Next President?

Here is what the media is saying in Iowa: Ackley World Journal Dallas County News Akron Hometowner Albia Newspapers Albia Union Republican Monroe County News Algona Upper Des Moines Reminder Weekend Express Butler County Tribune Journal Altoona Herald Mitchellville Index Ames Tribune Iowa State Daily Story County Advertiser Atlantic News-Telegraph KJAN Audubon County Advocate Journal […]

Is Romney’s Presidential Campaign Authentic?

Governor Mitt Romney has put up issues oriented ads criticising Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee’s record on a whole hose of issues around immigration, taxes and conservatisim. Romney has for the most part stayed on message and has not went negative in this race. He has contrasted his point of view with his […]

Polls: Clinton and Huckabee Winning Iowa

Two polls show Senator Clinton and Governor Huckabee with commanding leads in Iowa. The polls show Obama and Romney’s leads slipping significantly in the closing weeks before the Iowa Caucus. All of the candidates have increased their attacks in recent days. Los Angeles Times /Bloomberg Poll American Research Group, Inc. Iowa Caucus Presidential Preferences

The Obama 2nd Choice is Golden in Iowa

One of the polls that Senator Clinton’s team is squeamish about is the fact that a lot of Iowan voters are saying that Barack Obama is their second place choice. That’s to say that the Kucinich, Biden, and Dodd caucusers of the world will give Obama the nod if their candidate doesn’t reach 15% points. […]

Democratic Establishment: Senator Obama “Too Risky”

Former President Bill Clinton has led the charge from the Democratic establishment that the Junior Senator from Illinois is not experienced enough to be the leader of the free world. They have also raised questions in the media about his Muslim ties and an early admission that he used cocaine in his teen years to […]

Backroom Deal of the Des Moines’ Clinton Endorsement

Cillizza of “The Fix” presented a backroom deal of the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. President Clinton seems to be front and center in Hillary’s campaign of late. He didn’t deny Charlie Rose’s assessment that he was angry at Clinton’s advisors over her lackluster performance in Iowa and he seemed to know the […]

Bill Clinton Throws Hillary’s White Flag Up In Iowa

  Bloggers has argued that President Clinton’s Charlie Rose interview was just another campaign event for his wife. The topic of micro lending came up and President Clinton used the opportunity to talk about Senator Clinton micro lending start-up in Arkansas. He also used the opportunity to throw out the white flag for his wife. […]

Clinton Strategically Using the Race Card

The Clinton camp has to be worried about Afro-Americans increasing their support of Obama. The Wall Street Journal Online did a report on a poll released by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (states) and Pew Research Center (national poll) that graphically show a damaging trend if you’re a Clinton strategist. Blacks are increasing […]

Senator Clinton’s Plan B out of Iowa

All of the top three Democratic contenders have devised a scenario of loosing Iowa putting on their best face and heading to New Hampshire. The truth of the matter is a lose in Iowa will be a serious blow to all the candidates and even a bigger hit to John Edwards who have struggled to […]

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon Poll: Clinton Obama Edwards Very Close

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon 12/10/2007 The latest MSNBC Mason Dixon Poll indicate just want everyone knows at this stage in the race; the Democratic contenders are neck-in-neck in Iowa and Clinton and Obama are close in New Hampshire and South Carolina as the battle heats up. I’m going out on the limb when I say that either Clinton, […]