Senator Barack Obama

  The room at Barack Obama’s headquarters was momentous and the energy was very high. Barack Obama delivered the best speech of his race when he talked about hope and who is the best agent of change in the Democratic field of candidates. The Iowa Caucus  has let the candidates and the rest of the […]

Zogby/Reuters/C-Span Poll: Obama Leads Democratic Field

The latest Zogby/Reuters/C-Span poll is saying the same thing the Des Moines Register Poll did. Senator Barack Obama has a lead in polls that might give him a huge victory in Iowa. Some have raised questions about his experience, but it seems no one can question his ability to appeal to Iowan voters and organized the type […]

Will Iowa Decide the Next President?

Here is what the media is saying in Iowa: Ackley World Journal Dallas County News Akron Hometowner Albia Newspapers Albia Union Republican Monroe County News Algona Upper Des Moines Reminder Weekend Express Butler County Tribune Journal Altoona Herald Mitchellville Index Ames Tribune Iowa State Daily Story County Advertiser Atlantic News-Telegraph KJAN Audubon County Advocate Journal […]