Giuliani consider run for governor

All New York State News and Media References Governor run on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s mind, says top ally … New York Daily News Giuliani consider run for governor UPI Giuliani mulls New York governor bid: report AFP Rudy Giuliani considering a run for governor The Post Rudy for Gov? Giuliani Tests the […]

Paradox: Bill Clinton Paved the way for Obama’s Candidacy

Don’t get us wrong, the civil rights movement had a lot to do with Obama being where he is today. If it wasn’t for progressively minded administrators at the University of Hawaii the Senior Obama would’ve never landed on US soil. Indeed the very essence of Obama’s strength lies in the fact that he has […]

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon Poll: Clinton Obama Edwards Very Close

MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon 12/10/2007 The latest MSNBC Mason Dixon Poll indicate just want everyone knows at this stage in the race; the Democratic contenders are neck-in-neck in Iowa and Clinton and Obama are close in New Hampshire and South Carolina as the battle heats up. I’m going out on the limb when I say that either Clinton, […]

GOP Losing the Crucial Latino Vote

This week, Pew Research introduced an interesting poll that shows Latino voters shifting away from gains the GOP made in 2006. Could it be because of the rhetoric about immigration reform? President George Bush benefited from gains in 2000 and 2004 and recognized it as a crucial voting bloc. Presidential Candidate and US Representative Tancredo […]

Obama Criticizes the Clinton Administration in New Ad.

Obama’s campaign uses clips from his Jefferson Jackson Speech in Iowa to criticize the Clinton Administration and the Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton. Here are some quotes from the ad: “And that is why the same old Washington textbook campaigns just won’t do. That’s why telling the American people what we think they want […]

Poll: Obama up in South Carolina

A news Insider Advantage poll has Obama up in South Carolina. conducted Dec. 3-4 of 421 likely Dem voters) has Obama at 26%, Clinton at 24%, Edwards at 15%, and Biden at 10%.

Poll: Clinton has Overwhelming Leads in FL, OH & PA

According to a just released Quinnipiac Poll Clinton has overwhelming leads in the early states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania among registered voters. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is also enjoying a termendous lead due to name recognition and the fact that candidates have not launched a battle in those states focusing their resources in Iowa, New Hampshire […]

All the Candidates on Health Care

The New York Times gives an excellent summary of all the major candidate’s health care proposals: Take a look:

Candidates Slam Hillary Clinton on N.I.E. Report

The latest National Intelligence Estimates Report states Iran halted its nuclear weapons program. Candidates were quick to issue statements criticising Senator Hillary Clinton’s vote to declare Iranian Republican Guards as “proliferators of mass destruction.” Senator Barack Obama quickly issued a statement saying, “The juxtaposition of this N.I.E. with the president’s suggestion of World War III serves […]

Clinton Needs a Victory or for Edwards to Win in Iowa

Senator Hillary Clinton’s latest attacks on Senator Barack Obama indicates that her war room has reasoned that she needs to draw Obama into a ugly fist match to erode his support in Iowa to possibly squeeze out a victory or a John Edwards win in the heartland would be better than a Obama victory coming to […]