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Hillary Clinton Secretary of State (

Updated news headlines on Hillary Clinton ( Obama considers Hillary Clinton for secretary of state: report (AFP via Yahoo! News) Hillary Clinton emerges as State dept candidate (Reuters via Yahoo! News) More ex-Clinton officials tapped to join Obama team (USA Today) Officials: Sen. Clinton eyed as secretary of state (AP via Yahoo! News) Sen. Clinton […]

Michelle Obama fashion and style statement (

  Michelle Obama fashion and style statement ( Michelle Obama emerges as an American fashion icon Dressing up Michelle For Michelle Obama’s White House Visit, A Murmur of a Fashion … Michelle Obama blazes a new trail Michelle Obama is glamour wife, First Lady and mum-in-chief Their youth their good looks their style Making fashion […]

Michelle Obama tours private schools for Malia and Sasha

First Lady Michelle Obama fashion and style( President Elect Barack Obama transition news Where Will the Obama Girls Go to School? Barack Obama family likely to choose private schools Michelle Obama tours elite private schools for Malia and Sasha Public school for Sasha and Malia? First family moving to Washington School Shopping: Michelle Obama Visits […]

Analysis: Michelle Obama gets the job done on Day One

News and media headlines on the Obamas ( Michelle Obama seizes the spotlight (McClatchy Newspapers via Yahoo! News) Analysis: Michelle Obama gets the job done on Day One ( Michelle Obama shows her husband’s personal side (AP via Yahoo! News) Edward Kennedy, Michelle Obama draw tears and cheers ( Excerpts from Michelle Obama’s speech tonight […]

Cindy McCain’s Drug Addiction

The Web on Cindy McCain’s drug use: Salon News | How Cindy McCain was outed for drug addiction Salon Majikthise – Background on Cindy McCain’s drug addiction Majikthise CNN Examines Cindy McCain – TalkLeft- The Politics Of Crime Talk Left Wife of Prez hopeful McCain has weathered drug addiction … NY Daily News FixCam- On […]