Obama demands Congress move quickly on healthcare

News and media references on the Healthcare debate eNewsReference.com Democrats Ready to Deal on Health Wall Street Journal Throwing more dollars at a broken health care system Houston Chronicle Obama demands Congress move quickly on healthcare reform Los Angeles Times Obama Suggests Flexibility on Health Care Timing, But Not Much Newsweek Obama: August healthcare deadline may “spill over” Reuters Why […]

Rangel son got campaign cash (eNewsReference.com)

Political news and media update out of New York city (eNewsReference.com) Tangled Web: Rangel son got campaign cash (Politico via Yahoo! News) NEW RANGEL ETHICS CLOUD (New York Post) Report: Rangel paid his son nearly $80K for ‘poorly designed’ websites (USA Today) Posted By: Rajiv Medanki 6:57 AM Dec. 5, 2008 (Poynter Institute) Bill Keller […]

President Elect Barack Obama meets with President Bush

  First Lady Michelle Obama meets Laura Bush Bush, Obama focus on economy in radio addresses (AP via Yahoo! News) Obama calls for urgent action on economic crisis (AFP via Yahoo! News) Obama backs shield only if technology proven: aide (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Obama election a roadmap for Democratic majority (AP via Yahoo! News) […]

The biography of Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware

News and media headlines on the Obama ticket (eNewsReference.com) Joe Biden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia Senator Joe Biden- Biography US Senate Site Joe Biden 2008 Presidential Candidates washingtonpost.com Washington Post Joe Biden for President – Democratic Candidate 2008 » Joe Biden … 4Biden.com Project Vote Smart – Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. – […]

McCain Takes The Lead From Obama In Latest Poll

Polls give McCain lead over Obama, show support for four-day government work week (The Business Journal of Phoenix) John McCain news and media headlines (eNewsReference.com) Obama, McCain lead among student voters (Student Life) McCain winning in new poll, follows trend (Politico via Yahoo! News) Poll: McCain favored among church-goers (UPI) McCain Takes Lead From Obama […]

U.S. Rep. Tubbs Jones dies from aneurysm

Tubbs Jones taken to hospital (Politico via Yahoo! News) U.S. Rep. Tubbs Jones hospitalized (MSNBC) Tubbs Jones Taken To Hospital (CBS News) US Rep. Tubbs Jones hospitalized near Cleveland (Seattle Times) Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones admitted to Cleveland-area hospital (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune) US Rep. Tubbs Jones hospitalized near Cleveland (Las Vegas Sun) US […]

Biden up a couple notches on a short list

As Running Mate, Biden Offers Foreign Policy Heft but an Insider Image (New York Times) Campaign 2008 news and analysis (eNewsReference.com) Biden heads for Georgia (UPI) US Senator Biden to visit Georgia for crisis talks (AFP via Yahoo! News) Biden heads for Georgia (Moldova.org) Biden to visit troubled region today (The News Journal) Biden bound […]

Hillary Clinton on the Campaign Trail for Obama

Hillary Clinton stumps for Obama (UPI) Hillary Clinton stumps for Obama (Moldova.org) Hillary Clinton stumps for Obama (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Hillary Clinton’s Return (WCMH Columbus) Hillary Clinton returns as Obama problem (AFP via Yahoo! News) Hillary Clinton Visits Green Valley High School (KLAS Las Vegas) Hillary Clinton, Uniter (The New York Observer) Hillary Clinton unwitting […]

Barack Obama Heads for Vacation

eNews Reference on Barack Obama: CBS Poll- Obama Holding Off McCain CBS News Senate Standstill to Let Obama or McCain Tip Balance on Courts Bloomberg Obama and Big Oil Salt Lake Tribune Have the Clintons Gotten Over It- TIME Political Wisdom- Suffering From Obama Fatigue- Wall Street Journal Michelle Obama- Barack Is No Elitist ABC […]