John Edwards saga with lies and deceptions (eNews Reference)

John Edwards news and media links on the web (eNews Reference) Is John Edwards’ former aide covering for him? (AP via Yahoo! News) Edwards takes it easy to progress in 100m (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Lawyer in Edwards saga bankrolls Texas Democrats (Houston Chronicle) Edwards’ ally explains $14,000 payment to mistress (AP via Yahoo! News) […]

John McCain in the News

eNews References on John McCain: Hillary Clinton makes debut in McCain attack ad AFP Who’s that “Praising McCain”- ABC News McCain Campaigns in Ohio Today CBS News John McCain race- Static Los Angeles Times We can deny it, but race slithers into campaign Chicago Sun-Times CBS Poll- Obama Holding Off McCain CBS News McCain wants […]

Are Americans Naive about McCain’s Health?

Major media raises questions about McCain’s Health Concerns: Do we know enough about presidential health? MSNBC On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma NY Times Too Old To Run-, At 70, McCain’s Age And Health Factor In Bid For … CBSNews How important is McCain’s age- -John McCain News- MSNBC […]