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Gen. Stanley McChrystal is President Obama's top commander in Afghanistan. (AP Photo)

McCain: More troops needed in Afghanistan AP
McChrystal leak backlash Politico
Obama Considers Strategy Shift in Afghan War FOXNews
Paper delayed publication of Afghanistan story AP
Obama Questions Plan to Add Forces in Afghanistan Wall Street Journal – Elizabeth Williamson, Henry J. Pulizzi
Obama Is Considering Strategy Shift in Afghan War New York Times
Congress Presses on War Plan Wall Street Journal
General Calls for More US Troops to Avoid Afghan Failure New York Times
Obama Won’t Say if More Troops to Be Sent to Afghanistan New York Times – Brian Knowlton
Report: US general calls for more troops in Afghanistan CNN
Surgical Approach to Afghanistan Wall Street Journal
US in Afghanistan failure warning BBC News
ANALYSIS-Europe to resist larger Afghan troops commitment Reuters
Changes Have Obama Rethinking War Strategy Washington Post
US sees hand of elite Iranian unit in Afghanistan Reuters
Commander to Request Thousands More Troops to Afghanistan in FOXNews.com
US Afghanistan commander’s troops request ready Reuters
Post Delayed Publishing McChrystal Report for One Day at Washington Post – Howard Kurtz
McChrystal’s blunt warning to the West BBC News
Obama: Need Afghan strategy before more troops Reuters


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