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Senator Ted Kennedy Wikipedia Memoir Bio Chappaquiddick Kopechne
Kennedy memoir calls Chappaquiddick ‘inexcusable’
Late US Senator’s Memoir Talks of Personal, Public Tragedies VOA
Kennedy: Chappaquiddick haunted me ‘every day of my life’ Los Angeles Times
Chappaquiddick ‘haunts me,’ Kennedy said AFP
First peek at Edward Kennedy memoir, True Compass Baltimore Sun
Kennedy reflects on Chappaquiddick, drinking, assassinations WTTE
Ted Kennedy on Chappaquiddick: ‘Made Terrible Decisions’ CHATTAH BOX
Kennedy memoir reveals My Fox Boston
In memoir, Kennedy calls his Chappaquiddick action ‘inexcusable’ USA Today
Teddy Kennedy’s Memoir: He Spent His Life Atoning for Kopechne’s Death Politics Daily
Report: In memoir, Kennedy remorseful over Kopechne’s death NECN
Kennedy memoir reveals remorse over Chappaquiddick Times Online
Kennedy Memoir Expresses Remorse Over His Misdeeds People Magazine
Ted Kennedy: Chappaquiddick Island Was “Inexecusable” ToTheCenter.comTed Kennedy
Kennedy may have sought forgiveness Philadelphia InquirerWilliam C. Kashatus
Kennedy Memoirs Reflect on Chappaquiddick, Drinking and JFK Wall Street Journal BlogsSusan Davis

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