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Sen Kennedy Memoir Chappaquiddick Kopechne | eNewsReference.com

Senator Ted Kennedy Wikipedia Memoir Bio Chappaquiddick Kopechne Kennedy memoir calls Chappaquiddick ‘inexcusable’ AP Late US Senator’s Memoir Talks of Personal, Public Tragedies VOA Kennedy: Chappaquiddick haunted me ‘every day of my life’ Los Angeles Times Chappaquiddick ‘haunts me,’ Kennedy said AFP First peek at Edward Kennedy memoir, True Compass Baltimore Sun Kennedy reflects on […]

Obama urges Americans to get H1N1 vaccine eNewsReference.com

Obama Urges Swine Flu Precautions Washington Post Obama urges Americans to get H1N1 vaccine Reuters This Time, City Says It’s Ready For Swine Flu New York Times Use ‘common-sense’ steps against H1N1 virus, Obama says CNN New York City to offer students free H1N1 vaccines New York Times Swine Flu May Be Less Dangerous Than […]

Obama Abbas Netanyahu two year Mideast Peace Deal | eNewsReference.com

All Middle East News and Media References eNewsReference.com Mitchell, Israelis to meet on settlement deal: diplomat AFP ‘Special Report’ Panel on Renewing Push for Mideast Peace FoxNews Analysts play down expectations from Obama-Abbas-Netanyahu talks Xinhua Mitchell, Israelis to meet Wednesday in New York Reuters Push on Iran sanctions, Mideast peace talks expected in Sept. Jewish […]

Inside info: Diane Sawyer Replaces Gibson ABC

Diane Sawyer Bio on Wikipedia Diane Sawyer to replace Charles Gibson as anchor of the ABC … New York Daily News ABC Anchor Charlie Gibson to Step Down, Diane Sawyer to Replace Him Washington Post FULL TEXT E-MAIL: Charles Gibson Steps Down from ‘World News’ ABC News Diane Sawyer to replace Gibson as ABC News […]

Ramadan Dinner Conversation at White House | eNewsReference.com

Obama to host dinner for Islamic holy month AP The White House Celebrates Ramadan New York Times Ramadan Dinner at the White House: The Guest List Washington Post Look Who’s Coming To Dinner Huffington Post Ramadan brings Muslims closer to God Sun-Sentinel.com – Lois K. Solomon Obama hosts Ramandan dinner The Hill – Christina Wilkie […]