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(L-R) Robert F. Kennedy, Ted, Edward Kennedy and John F. Kennedy: Ted Kennedy dies: Chappaquiddick was the fatal flaw that haunted Kennedy's career

With open Senate seat, a long list of hopefuls Boston Globe
Kennedy wives: Wives stood by him through trying times USA Today
Ted Kennedy, ‘Lion of the Senate,’ helped shape American politics CNN
Sen. Edward Kennedy, 77, dies after cancer battle AP
Kennedy: Wrestling with the angels of his nature
Republicans join Democrats in mourning Kennedy AP
Ted Kennedy: Senator, family patriarch, dead at 77 AP
Ted Kennedy’s Battle with Brain Cancer CBS New
Kennedy ‘instrumental’ in peace process BBC News
Long Senate record made Kennedy a giant in his own right Christian Science Monitor
Text of family statement on Kennedy’s death AP
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Sen. Ted Kennedy Biography Wikipedia
Sen. Ted Kennedy Has Died of Brain Cancer At Age 77 ABC News

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