Tom Ridge: Bush Admin pushed to raise terror alert before election

Ridge Cites Alert-Level Pressures Wall Street Journal
Ex-DHS chief links politics to terror alerts AP
Bush Aide ‘Told To Up Terror Level’ Sky News
Ridge Cites Pressure Before 2004 Election Washington Post
Ridge says he was pushed to raise terror alert before election Reuters Blog
Bush admin pressured ex-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge to raise New York Daily News
Bush Official, in Book, Tells of Pressure on ’04 Vote New York Times
Tom Ridge kisses and tells on Bush’s ‘terror levels’ Christian Science Monitor
George W. Bush vets dismiss Tom Ridge claims Politico
Ridge: I Was Pressured to Raise Threat Level in 2004 CBS News
Former DHS chief links politics to terror alerts AP
Storm Clouds Gather For Democrats Time
Liberals and Gut Hatred, Or, Why I’m Sorry I Wrote What I Wrote Atlantic Online
Ridge’s shocking allegation against Ashcroft, Rumsfeld Kansas City Star
Rumsfeld, Townsend Rebuff Ridge Atlantic Online
Ridge accuses Bush White House of political use of terror alert system Boston Globe
Former Bush aide says politics colored US ‘terror alert’ AFP

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