POLL: Opposition to Health Care Growing Conservative Radio

Health push mired, some blame Obama Boston Globe
Public confidence in Obama drops, poll says Los Angeles Times
POLL: Opposition to Health Care Reform Is on the Rise ABC News
Obama stands by public option in healthcare debate Reuters
Op-Ed Columnist Obama’s Trust Problem New York Times
Army of the Lord? Obama Seeks Health Care Push From Pulpit Fox News
Obama Points Finger at GOP Leadership on Health Care ABC News
Analysis: Health care endgame near but uncertain AP
Obama on health care: ‘We are not going to give up now’ USA Today
Obama is Interviewed by Michael Smerconish Washington Post
Obama Insists Health Plan Will Pass New York Times
Obama talks health care with Smerconish Philadelphia Inquirer
Dems may scale back health care ambitions MSNBC
Obama seeking ‘consensus’ on health-care bill Chicago Tribune
Obama Promotes Health Reform on Conservative Radio Voice of America
Warning: out of control summer for Obama and Hill Democrats Christian Science Monitor
Obama: ‘We are not going to give up now’ Kansas City Star

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