Kennedy Massachusetts to change rules State GOP

Just say no . . . to Teddy’s shenanigans Boston Herald
Kennedy bid fuels GOP wrath Boston Herald
Who should fill Kennedy’s seat? Boston Globe
Don’t let Senate seat be vacant Boston Globe
Kennedy asks Massachusetts to change successor rules Los Angeles Times
‘Should a Senate vacancy occur,’ who might replace Kennedy? Christian Science Monitor
What Ted Kennedy Wants Wall Street Journal
Ailing Kennedy pens political ‘will’ Independent
Ailing Kennedy seeks to change law on succession AP
Mass. Dems Cautious on Kennedy Request ABC News
GOP slams attempt to change Senate appointment rules Boston Herald
Kennedy Seeks New Massachusetts Law on Filling Seat Bloomberg
The Kennedy Rule: No GOP Senators Allowed Wall Street Journal
Ailing Kennedy seeks quicker US Senate succession Reuters
State GOP leader calls Kennedy request ‘hypocrisy’ Boston Globe
Kennedy Prepares For The Vote He May Not Cast Time
Ted Kennedy prepared for Transition
Ailing Kennedy urges quicker replacement process AFP
Ill Kennedy urges fast succession BBC News
Text of letter from Sen. Kennedy to Mass. leaders AP
Ailing Kennedy wants replacement law changed CNN International

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