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  1. Ruben M. Salazar
    Posted October 4, 2009 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    Go fuck yourselves and your bitch mothers you self-deceiving, main stream media assholes and self-hating whites.

    The only reason the racist asshole was elected was because all of you self-hating, America hating media pricks and cunts lied and ommitted the truth about osama.

    “God damn” all of you media types and self-hating whites. But you have no God-so it doesn’t matter, right? That’s also what osama really believes and those of us that live in reality know it because he said so.

    The truth? Osama is an alien…probably born in Saudi Arabia. The manner in which he blew the saudi prince is a good indication! Not to mention his bald-faced lies to arab leaders in his speach proclaiming that America is the largest muslim nation in the world and that it is not a Christian nation. Want more proof? Go do your job and report the truth.

    Fuck you, fuck osama, and fuck your political correctness

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