Michael Vick Signs Two-Year Deal With NFL’s Eagles


Michael Vick’s “Second Chance” is a Garbage Redemption Story Huffington Post
Michael Vick Signs Two-Year Deal With NFL’s Eagles Bloomberg
Vick to the Eagles: Good move or bad? ESPN
Eagles are perfect fit for Vick, but it’s still McNabb’s team Newsday
Sorry, PETA: Vick gets a job he earned Kansas City Star
Surprise: Michael Vick signs deal with Philadelphia Eagles Yahoo! Sports
Baldinger on Eagles signing Vick: ‘It could be really fascinating’ USA Today
Disgraced Vick signs with Eagles: report Reuters
Eagles, Vick a near-perfect match SI.com
Michael Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles; three teams San Francisco Chronicle
No Vick in Buffalo “at this time”; TO update Newsday
Philadelphia Eagles Sign Michael Vick? A Philly Fan Calls For Newsweek
Eagles sign Vick Philadelphia Inquirer
Vick just went from jailhouse to penthouse Atlanta Journal Constitution
Vick signs deal with Eagles The Associated Press
A Surprise as Eagles Sign Vick for 2 Years New York Times
Agent: Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles CNN International
Disgraced Vick to return to NFL with Eagles: report AFP
Why, Eagles? CBSSports.com
Michael Vick lands with Eagles CBC.ca
Dog killer, former Falcons QB Michael Vick signs two-year deal New York Daily News
Michael Vick lands with Eagles CBC.ca
Vick picked up by Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Times
Eagles Sign Vick Washington Post

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