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News and media references on Senate confirmation hearings eNewsReference.com
Senators Hold Tongues, Give Sotomayor a Chance to Speak‎ Fox News
Sotomayor Leaves Passion Behind in Her Testimony New York Times
Supreme Strategy: Stick to the Script Wall Street Journal
Legal experts on Day Two of the Sotomayor hearings Los Angeles Times
High marks for Sotomayor after tough questioning CNN
Judge Sotomayor Gets a Chance to Participate in the ‘Wise Latina  Daily Kos
Day two of Sotomayor hearings: wise Latinas and nunchucks Buzz Log
Sotomayor v. Obama  Washington Post
WILLIAMS: Sotomayor’s nomination doesn’t reflect her past Washington Times
Sotomayor regrets ‘wise Latina’ speeches, but promises impartiality Washington Examiner
No diversity with Sonia Sotomayor Politico
NRA Says Sotomayor Is Antigun US News & World Report
Sonia Sotomayor, Secret Laws, And Property Rights Jurisprudence The New Ledger

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