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Violence in Iran…List of Iranian media (eNewsReference.com)

List of Iranian radio, tv, magazines and newspapers (eNewsReference.com) US ‘deeply troubled’ by Iran violence Unrest Spreads in Iran Crowds flock to the streets of Tehran to protest at election result Unrest Spreads in Iran US Continues Wait-and-See Approach to Iran Election Uprising Ahmadinejad gets a taste of Iranian defiance Details of deadly Iran protest […]

Netanyahu Agrees to Palestinian State With Conditions

Israeli PM ‘ruins’ peace chance Netanyahu Answers ‘Yes’ on Palestine Palestinians angered by Netanyahu peace terms Egypt says Israeli pm’s vision for peace flawed Mubarak Says Netanyahu’s Stance ‘Aborts’ Peace Bid Netanyahu Agrees to Palestinian State With Conditions

Who in the heck is Kim Jong-un? (eNewsreference.com)

News and media references from North Korea (eNewsReference.com) North Korea’s Next Kim: Dad’s Favorite, Kim Jong Un – TIME Kim Jong-un: a profile of North Korea’s next leader – Telegraph Image results for Kim Jong-un Foreign Policy: The Rise of Kim Jong-Un Kim Jong Un: North Korea’s next leader? Kim Jong-un Unlikely Candidate for NK […]