OJ Simpson finally gets sentenced (eNewsReference.com)

OJ Simpson faces Vegas sentencing (BBC News)
Oj Simpson – Oj Simpson Facing Six Years To Life Over Robbery (ContactMusic)
OJ Simpson to be sentenced (Daily Telegraph)
OJ Simpson Facing Life In Prison (SkyNews via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
Sentencing Day For OJ Simpson (KTNV Las Vegas)
OJ Simpson faces life sentence for hotel room heist (The Scotsman)
OJ Simpson faces prospect of tough jail term (Mail and Guardian)
OJ Simpson lawyers plead for leniency as prosecutors push for 18-year sentence (Daily Mail)
OJ Simpson faces 18-year jail term (Press Assoc. via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)

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  1. Posted December 5, 2008 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

    There’s a great blog written by a journalist named Harmon Leon who costarred with OJ Simpson on a hidden camera prank show. It’s absolutely unbelievable. There’s even video of it.

    Check it out here:


  2. Posted December 11, 2008 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    Idea for OJ’s prank DVD Juiced (Which no one should purchase!!)

    Lets put OJ in pink lace tutu, throw some undersized black golf gloves on him and send him around the golf course chasing golfers with a plastic nine-iron. OR – He could just lurk around in the Pro Shop asking to join someones group for 18. And while the players introduce themselves he writes there names on toe tags and hangs them from his bag. Then to top it off, he says “Don’t worry I’ll autograph them for you before were done”

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