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Eric Holder Biography (eNewsReference.com)

President Elect Barack Obama transition news and updates (eNewsReference.com) Eric Holder Biography (eNewsReference.com) Jason Glaser: Eric Holder’s association with Chiquita is not the change America needs (Guardian Unlimited) Local Search Site Search (Boston Globe) MARSHALL TOUTS EX-NEIGHBOR HOLDER FOR OBAMA’S AG (New York Post) 1 more question for Eric Holder (WorldNet Daily) Obama to Name […]

Susan Rice Biography (eNewsReference.com)

Susan Rice Biography President Elect Obama’s transition news and updates (eNewsReference.com) A new Dr. Rice to become face of US at UN (AFP via Yahoo! News) Democratic official: Obama on Monday to name Susan Rice as UN ambassador, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as homeland … (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune) Obama poised to name Hillary Clinton […]