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Tim Geithner

President Elect Barack Obama transition news and media references (eNewsReference.com)
Biography of Timothy Geithner
Obama moves to pick Timothy Geithner for Treasury (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Obama taps New Yorker Timothy Geithner for Treasury Sec. (New York Daily News)
Senior Democratic official: Fed official Timothy Geithner likely Treasury pick for Obama (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
Timothy Geithner faces monumental challenges as Obamas Treasury pick (The Business Journal of Phoenix)
Timothy Geithner: Obama Treasury Secretary (US News & World Report)
Fed’s Geithner to be tapped forTreasury: reports (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Geithner report rallies stocks but Citi still down (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Obama to tap Geithner for Treasury (Politico via Yahoo! News)
Stocks turn higher on Geithner nomination (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

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