Did Sarah Palin lose the election (eNewsReference.com)

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Did Sarah Palin lose the election(eNewsReference.com)
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  1. ken
    Posted November 5, 2008 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

    i think it was more to it with John McCain and Sara Palin! They where secret lovers. Why her out of nowhere. Noone knew she existed until McCain dug her up. It was never God’s intention to let a woman run this country. If Hilary couldn’t what make you think Sara could. Sara need to be in Hollywood, not Gov’t. She was so broken hearted along with her wimpy husband and that retarded grandchild from her whorish daughter the teenager. And whatever happened to John Doe the plumber!!! McCain needed a woman and a plumber to win, but it all back fired. The jokes on the republicans. McCain said he was tested but if he died Sara would have been President. who tested her? She couldn’t figure her way out a papaer bag. However she is somewhat pretty. But i seen better. Married to a hottie personally. kenzturn@juno.com

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