Barack Obama and the Sarah Palin dilemma

Barack Obama

Obama sends supporters to blunt Palin’s impact (Rocky Mountain News via Yahoo! News)
Obama piles up 10 million dollars after Palin attacks (AFP via Yahoo! News)
McCain and Obama campaigns grapple for ‘change’ (AP via Yahoo! News)
Palin draws 37 million viewers, just shy of Obama (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
McCain, Obama pitted in 8-week contest of ‘change’ (AP via Yahoo! News)
Obama says GOP avoiding issues on voters’ minds (Rocky Mountain News via Yahoo! News)
Obama Camp Turns to Clinton to Counter Palin (New York Times)
Obama Says Iraq Surge Has `Succeeded Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)
Obama Steps Into O?Reilly?s ?No Spin Zone? (New York Times)

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