If Barack Obama chose Biden for VP

Biden seen as shoring up some weaknesses for Obama (AP via Yahoo! News)
News and media headlines on Joe Biden for VP (eNewsReference.com)
Biden’s emergence in V.P. race stirs buzz (USA Today)
Hoping It?s Biden (New York Times)
PhillyDeals: PhillyDeals: What kind of a VP would Biden make? (Philly.com)
Bidens Strengths as a Possible Obama VP (Newsweek)
Betting on Biden, but no peep on veep (The News Journal)
Obama VP Watch: Joe Biden Good on Civil Liberties, Friendly To Hollywood (Wired News)
Biden’s emergence in VP race crystalizes concerns (AP via Yahoo! News)
Biden is Democratic favorite for Obama’s No. 2 (AP via Yahoo! News)

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