Does Obama need Hillary Clinton on the ticket?

Hillary Clinton news and media references (
Restructuring could change Nevada’s nominating role
Clinton’s Press Secretary On Impeachment, Elian (NPR)
Clinton ‘whip’ team to help unify Dems (UPI)
Clinton creates ‘whip team’ to quell anti-Obama protests (Politico via Yahoo! News)
Wag the Blog: Does Obama Need Clinton on Ticket? (Washington Post)
Some Florida delegates to vote for Clinton (Miami Herald)
Rescue crews search for vehicle in Lake Erie near Port Clinton (The Toledo Blade)
Clinton visits Florida to support Obama (The Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
Clinton campaigns in Florida for Obama (WINK TV Southwest Florida)
Barack Obama news and media references online (
News conference today to address unsolved rape of Clinton Township woman (Detroit Free Press)

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  1. jheckerman
    Posted August 22, 2008 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    YES! YES! YES! We will not settle for less! Hillary Clinton for Vice President will take us into the Democratic Convention with such a united Passion to win the White House – And work together in finding solutions for our Nation!

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