Does Hillary Clinton have a shot at the White House?

Hillary Clinton

Does Hillary Clinton have a shot at the White House?
The Lingering What-If Question: Clinton? (New York Times)
Clinton: US should demonstrate energy solutions (AP via Yahoo! News)
Bill and Hillary Clinton join hundreds at funeral for slain Ark. Democratic Party chairman (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
Clinton Is VP Favorite Among Delegates (CBS News)
Obama-Clinton ticket? Maybe not (Denver Post)
Clinton touts clean energy (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
Pauly Shore to appear in Clinton Township (Detroit Free Press)
Some still want Clinton for VP (Seattle Times)
Clinton: U.S. should demonstrate energy solutions (News 8 Austin)

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  1. Jody V
    Posted August 20, 2008 at 3:14 am | Permalink

    Obama will Never get all of Hillary Voters, He will only get only 25% to 1/3 of Hillary Voter,

    Obama will not even get half of Hillary Voter
    By Paul Valenzuela – Aug 20th, 2008 at 3:51 am EDT

    It saddens me all my life as a democrat, it going to be the first time ever I am going to have to Vote Republican,I did vote for Hillary,

    We all know Obama is not going to cut it as President of the united states.

    He has to many problems, Rezkl the slum lord, Rev wright, Micheal Obama,

    One of the His own campaign guy who was looking for the His VP ,, who was caught up in

    Country Wide Loan scandale and Then resigned, Obama is not a Rock star, but he is a Elitise

    He a full flip floper, back and fouth,, on every issue there is,, and yet so many are voting for him

    Obama Never won a debate, not one, The Media Baby him, He has No agenda and took and adopted all Hillary agenda even Cnn has reported how he adapted all of Hillary Health care and other issues,

    Why does Obama never took deal with hard question and when he is really given, a hard question.

    All Barack Obama does is Stammer like a stuttering fool, He can not deal with hard question.

    Now the Obama Camp are blamming the Reverand for the questions in southen california.

    At the lake forest california town meeting,

    This is so typical of the Obama Camp, just like how how he screwed all the other to get in office,

    The man is an empty suit, He a crook, I am a registered Democrat, who only voted for Democrat until now, So many democrat are not going to vote at all for barack Obama, there going to vote at all, I do not believe in throwing my vote away, so like many other Democrats, I am going to vote for McCain, I do believe who would be better,

    I wish barack Luck he going to need it , like

    this blog,, a copy being sent out everywhere,

    Soon as the Obama camp sees this blog the will remove it like so many others,

    You think the Mob, where bad, the Obama camp are so much worst,

    I can not wait to see Obama screw up on the debates ,, he going to blame everyone for a bad debate because he a stuttering fool.

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