Russian forces remain in Georgia as Putin call the shots (eNews Reference)


eNews References and media out of Georgia
Media and eNews References from Russia
Putin Walks into a Trap (Middle East Online)
Putin Still Holds Power In Russia (NPR)
The Buzz: McCain says he’s more skeptical about Putin than Bush (The Kansas City Star)
Putin Calls Shots to Salve Old Wounds (New York Times)
Calling Shots, Putin Salves Old Wounds (New York Times)
Putin flexes influence in Georgia action (UPI)
Putin and GOP Politics (US News & World Report)
Georgia: Russians move into Gori, explosions heard (AP via Yahoo! News)
Georgia says Russian troops moving into Gori (AP via Yahoo! News)
Georgia says Russians pulling out of Gori (AP via Yahoo! News)
Georgia: Russian tanks in Gori to help withdrawal (
A Convoy Heads for Gori to Investigate Rumors of Plunder (Washington Post)
Georgia Says Russians Pulling out of Gori (ABC News)
Georgia Says Russia Pulling Out of Gori as U.S. Aid Flows In (Fox News)
Georgian Police Move Back Into Gori as Russian Forces Withdraw (
UPDATE: Russian Forces Refusing To Quit Gori-Georgia Official (Nasdaq)

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