Daily Archives: August 14th, 2008

Age of Chinese Gymnasts spark outrage (eNews Reference)

News and media reports out of China’s Olympic Ceremonies Age of Chinese gymnast stirs more talk (USA Today) News and media reports out of China (eNews Reference) Chinese gymnast’s wealth soars with opening ceremony (Reuters via Yahoo! News) AGE OF CHINESE GYMNAST IN QUESTION (New York Post) Age of Chinese gymnast questioned (The Ottawa Sun) […]

‘Fair and Balanced’ Obama and McCain Documentaries (eNews Reference)

eNews Headlines on John McCain’s quest for the White House McCain: Ridge, abortion rights supporter, still in VP running (USA Today) McCain Still Can’t Forgive Guards at ‘Hanoi Hilton’ (Washington Post) McCain Recalls His Wild Youth (Washington Post) Obama, McCain aim for faith vote at forum (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Mich. Republicans make pitches for […]

Minorities expected to be majority in 2050 (eNews Reference)

Minorities expected to be majority in 2050 (CNN.com) Minorities in U.S. set to become majority by 2042 (International Herald Tribune) Caucasians Not Majority By 2042 (Time Magazine) By 2042, no racial majority in U.S. (Denver Post) Minorities set to be US majority (BBC News) Paraguay prez-elect makes deals for majority (AP via Yahoo! News) Majority […]

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Convention (eNews Reference)

Hillary Clinton media and news references Clinton backers to make noise at Dem convention (AP via Yahoo! News) Clinton supporters debate merits of roll call vote (USA Today) Two days of celebrations set to thank Clinton (Denver Post) Clinton must share limelight on Democratic convention night (AFP via Yahoo! News) ARK. ASSASSIN GUNS DOWN TOP […]

Barack Obama in the News today (eNews Reference)

eNews References on Barack Obama Campaign for President ’08 Obama Woos Abortion Foes With Platform Embracing Motherhood (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News) Obama, McCain aim for faith vote at forum (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Fox News to air Obama, McCain documentaries (Reuters via Yahoo! News) NRA to Montana: Obama a threat to gun owners (AP via […]

Russian forces remain in Georgia as Putin call the shots (eNews Reference)

eNews References and media out of Georgia Media and eNews References from Russia PUTIN’S POWER PLAY – & THE WEST’S WAFFLING (New York Post) Putin Walks into a Trap (Middle East Online) Putin Still Holds Power In Russia (NPR) The Buzz: McCain says he’s more skeptical about Putin than Bush (The Kansas City Star) Putin […]