WP: Edwards’s Ex-Mistress Will Not Pursue Paternity Test

John Edwards

John Edwards admits to affair, repeated lies (Los Angeles Times)
John Edwards admits affair: report (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

John Edwards: Affair was result of egotism, narcissism (Boston Herald)

John Edwards admits to affair he denied as candidate (Boston Herald)

Admitting to affair, former presidential candidate John Edwards becomes political outcast (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)

John Edwards Admits Illicit Affair (WTVC Chattanooga)

John Edwards admits affair (Chicago Tribune)

John Edwards admits to affair (Chicago Tribune)

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  1. Sly
    Posted August 9, 2008 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    Now it’s time for all good liberals to “think about the children,” specifically John Edwards’ newest baby girl…John, John!!! It’s not about you….it’s about the child! This child needs food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, a father figure (try hard on this one, John), and a moral compass (might want to pass on this one, John).

    I have only two words of advice for Rielle Hunter: “Gloria Allred”. You need a shark with a heart. She will help you, just google her.

    Hmmmm……so John Edwards thinks he’s off the hook!!! I’ll bet half of his interview on Nightline was a lie. You know darn well that he had sex with Rielle Hunter the last time in Beverly Hills…and, now he’s lying about holding up his new baby girl in the National Enquirer photo… On Nightline, Edwards said that he has “no idea” where the photo came from or who is in it. Is this idiot for real? This guy is just a pathological liar!!! It’s so rare to see one on tape! John Edwards doesn’t have to agree to a paternity test….the child support judge is going to demand it. Get busy!!

    Now, for all you John Edwards supporters who are let down…what in the hell were you thinking? Couldn’t you spot this phony the second you saw him? I did. Edwards made his money suing doctors!!!!! He is a professional liar….just like Obama!!! You’re all smucks!!!

    Obviously Obama knew about the allegations against Edwards for a long time. If Obama didn’t, then he’s a dope! So, right up until Friday, Edwards was still on the short list for VP.

    Yes, this whole “affair” shows that Obama is stupid and needs vetting team (not sleaze hiders) for the VP spot! Now, let’s show that Obama knew about the affair and still wanted Edwards.

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