John Edwards Rumor Becomes True

John Edwards

That John Edwards story- partly true, at least The Guardian
Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child The Associated Press
Edwards admits affair but says he didn’t father child Market Watch
John Edwards admits to affair with Rielle Hunter Los Angeles Times
Edwards admits to affair Boston Globe
Edwards Admits to Affair, Denies Paternity, ABC Says (Correct) Bloomberg
Edwards admits to extramarital affair CNN
John Edwards admits affair Kansas City Star

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  1. Posted August 8, 2008 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

    I suppose their private affairs are none of our business. Newt, Foley, L. Craig, Livingston, Vitter, Spitzer, McGrevey, Packwood, Clinton – there is a long list of public people with personal failings. I am not put off by the act or the lying (What do they have to lose at that point?), and as a general rule, I don’t think adultery should be a disqualifier for office. What is repellent to me is the hypocrisy, the cravenness that they hold on to power after being caught, and the humiliation their spouses have to endure when used as props when they make public admissions. They are self-absorbed malignant narcissists. Bob Packwood ran for reelection. Bob Livingston did it right; he got caught and resigned in hours. I did notice McCain gave a firm no comment to an Edwards affair.

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