Are Americans Naive about McCain’s Health?

Major media raises questions about McCain’s Health Concerns:

Do we know enough about presidential health? MSNBC

On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma NY Times

Too Old To Run-, At 70, McCain’s Age And Health Factor In Bid For … CBSNews

How important is McCain’s age- -John McCain News- MSNBC

McCain, 71, faces age questions in White House bid | Reuters Reuters

McCain’s Age Seen as More of a Problem Than Obama’s Race Gallup

Thomas Sowell on John McCain & Age on National Review Online National Review

Melanoma cancer survivor John McCain has piece of skin removed … LA Times

Research on the affects of aging:

How Aging Affects Memory AARP

The Aging Brain USC Health Magazine

Ageing brain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia

Memory Loss With Aging- What’s Normal, What’s Not — Family Doctor

Effects of Aging-Biology of the Nervous System- Merck Manual Home … Merck


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