Who Is Playing the Race Card

It wasn’t a matter of if, but a matter of when. Finally race has been injected into this campaign in a even bigger light. The news organizations love this stuff. Race is a part of the very fabric of our existence. We are confronted with matters pertaining to race everyday of our lives. We make conscious and unconscious decisions to say or do things because of it.

The question of patriotism has been brought up by surrogates on both sides. Obama believe attacks on his patriotism is a coded jab at his race. If he was white would patriotism be a bigger factor in this race? In Obama’s off handed remark on the campaign trail did he in fact play the race card?

The race card. Who really played it?
Video: McCain Ad Mocks Obama’s Fame
Playing the ‘Playing the Race Card’ Card
McCain Accuses Obama Of Playing “Race Card”


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